Lunar Toons

In space no one can hear you read.
But they can in the library!

good night

What effects does the moon have on Earth? It influences it’s atmosphere, it tides, it’s people! Charlie Williams is a fine example.

start the wars

Of course there will be Star Wars noises.


The phases and faces of the moon, by a gibbous baboon.

Nuff said. These are Lunar Toons with sound, comics and comedy.

This is a educational and hilarious show. BLAST OFF!

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Out of this World
Nancy Stewart and Charlie Williams

chancy narly out of this world

Mixed up letters, crazy sounds, a musical show lifting you off the ground.

Join two of the Pacific Northwest’s favorite performers; sound impressionist Charlie Williams and singer-songwriter Nancy Stewart for an evening of stories, songs and shenanigans. Interactive fun for the whole family!

Disclaimer:–Some assembly required, prices may vary, no purchase necessary, discontinue use if symptoms persist, void where prohibited, use only as directed, for display only, do not ingest, whittle out a whistle and whistle all your worries away.–







Earth Sciences with Chicken Lil!

Earth Sciences
First-second grades.
“Enhanced curriculum”

chicken lil 2 cj

1.) The Loudest Cloud. Heat, water, atmospheres.
The personalities, the science of weather. Is the sky really falling?
Grab a helmet.

All these modules are approved by the Washington State Board or Education.
(started in 2012)

oh stormy

2.) Green Means Grow. The succulent space scouts come to Earth looking for a nurturing environment to live and grow. Cactus Kirk and Mr Stalk star.

sigmund land

3.) Surfin Safari. How to ride the waves of water energy! Drippy stories of motion in the ocean. “The Brig of Doom.” Christopher Columbus’ Gold, a leaky Brig and a ghost hurricane.
Enjoy the wave watchers scrap book.
Sound vibration + slobber + literacy = Onomatopoeia!

4.) Rock Concert! The Rolling Stones sing songs about big words. Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic foundations of the Earth. Tunes and toons.

5.) A Loony Tale, phases of the Moon. (Lunar Toon?) Tying it all together, a gibbous baboon looks at gravity, tides, atmospheres and orbits of our nearest influential neighbor in space.
I love the Nightlight!
Dancing in the moonlight!
Insert song cue here.

Toy Wars!

A Star Wars Toy Story!

toy wars title

Charlie Williams, the Noiseguy brings his crate of classic and new Star Wars toys to re-enact a story wars trilogy, Toy Story style.

He brings lights and a camera to enhance the action. Star of stage and screen, charlie uses sound effects, and plenty of Sc-Fi material to bring the drama.

Readers theater may include Jedi Academy commercial,
the force hits the snooze button and yoda-ling.
Spoiler alert, Charlie is the last Jedediah!

45 mins long, the room may need to be semi dark, and setup takes a solid hour.

May the Fourth be with you folkth!!

Star Wars Reads Day


toy wars


start the wars



Green Means Grow!

“Space! The final frontier! A hostile environment where plants cannot grow. Our mission: to explore strange new worlds and seek out plant life and new… vegetation!”  -Cactus Kirk

cactus kirk

“It is life, but not as we know it.”   -Mr. Stalk.

sigmund 2

THIS is the adventure of the Space Scout Succulents. This is an in house field trip assembly for your first and second grades. Students will laugh and learn watching this animated cartoon & science show. Filled with humor, comix and sound effects it teaches about the life cycle of plants as we follow the cacti coming to earth to see if they could survive here, where the grass is greener.

xmas tree pic

Didja know? Some plants can grow in water only, not just soil & sand, and some grow just using air. We explain that these conditions may be perfect for one type of plant but not another….submerging ivy/pond like plants in water is great for these plants but wouldn’t work with many other types.

az 10

We talk about how seeds travel (wind/animals/humans). “It appears to be some sort of Canadian Plant Ambassador!”

study a human

We learn plant vocabulary. It’s a germination! Woo hoo!

class seedlings

We talk about how humans can use “plants” to make food they need. Plants and humans help each other survive! We both need sunlight, food, water and air.

lemon bit 6

Identify parts of plants.
Observe plant environments.
Associate plants with literature.
Dramatize a plant story.
Identify ways of taking care of plants.

enterprise 2

Join us on the fun and exciting learning adventure.


“It’s not manure, OK? It’s moo poo.”



A Reading Relay Readathon

sound coachweb

 sound coach title copy

Readin’ at the Speed of Sound!

Charlie Williams speaks fluent onomatopoeia and coaches young readers to use a more meaningful form of expression when reading outloud. We will exercise our throats and minds when building this story show. Your voice is an instrument and adds character, action and special effects to your stories. Exercises include: Intensive mimic clinic, imitation projection, shot POITS, word lifts, tongue laps, and most of all ….timing… (when and WHERE to practice being noisy!)


During each show we’ll review several fairy tales & picture books, various onomatopoetry and cacofunnies, using small motor skill doodles each patron can build their own personal library. (state funding not included 🙂

Sound safari tours and vocal expo.

We’ll do a speed reading triathlon. Verb vaulting. Tongue Twisters. Vocal gymnastics and a sound effect slalom.

sound c


An Olympian Reader’s Theater, using storyboards, sound effects and audience members, we will compete in a reading relay. The show starts with vocal warm ups and exercises using mime as an expression technique. With a large screen picture-book teleprompter, (screen and short throw projector) this comedic collaborative story show will illustrate and animate several historical tales. Stories included: The Tortoise and the Hare, The Great Race, and a choose your own adventure fairy tale. The program uses volunteers as stage actors & soundtrackers, while the group as an audience will provide sound effect ambiance.

sound coach warm up

Attendees will learn: Artistic self expression, the science of sound, onomatopoetic usage in speech and writing, a funny face workshop and how to speak softly and carry a big shtick!


sound coach med

Toys on loan from private collection.

The Noisy Adventures of MIGHTY MOUTH!

Listen! Out in the library! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Mighty Mouth!

Yes, Mighty Mouth! Incredible sound-effect generator and imitator! His secret identity is Charlie Williams, mild mannered library contractor. But when there are stories to be fabricated and soundtracks to be forged, he transforms into that marvelous wielder of onomatopoeia… MIGHTY MOUTH!
(IN COLOR! a Quinn Martin Production)

Charlie’s amazing journey began when he was touring a Nuclear Powered Aviary back in the 1970’s. Bitten by a radioactive African Grey Parrot, he soon discovered strange new powers! He could eat with his feet, he really, Really, REALLY liked crackers and he could imitate any sound he heard! Watch and share in the fun as you also discover how “great power comes with great responsibility.”
(Cliche Productions Ltd.)

Warning: Rowdy with underlying sarcasm. Not for the auditorially squeamish. You will be asked to make some noise and be very silly. A sense of humor is advised.

mighty mouth

Breaking the Sound Barrier!

The science of sound from a motor mouth at Mach 1!


Readin’ at the Speed of SOUND!

……….Talk about your accelerated reader! Heeeyooooh!

FA 18 Hornet

What is a sonic boom? Why can’t I hear a dog whistle? What was the first human invention to break the sound barrier? Did dinosaurs break the sound barrier? How do we humans mimic sound? These questions and many more will be answered by the Noiseguy as we explore the science of how sound is produced in Nature and by humans!

Listen and learn as language, loudness and laughter take the lead in the library. Charlie is a vocal sound impressionist, author and a kids comedian. On the entertainer list, he is under the category “other.”

Fun with amplified sound, a kid with lots of seniority, also an attention hound.
Fun with amplified sound, a kid with lots of seniority, also an attention hound.

During this noisy show there will be sound wordplay where we look at words that imitate the sounds they represent, such as hiss, boom, growl, and chirp. This onomatopoeia enriches language, allowing us to capture sound in writing. We will discuss and pick the top 10 noises we love and hate. Participants will help select the sounds, and categorize them. An imagination improv!

THEN. Listen with your eyes closed as Noiseguy take you on an audio vacation. Are you in the jungle, at the beach or at the North pole? A fun guessing game! Sound creates atmosphere and has emotional value. See how important sound is in language as we consider the differences in animal onomatopoeia. (Meow Meow, Bow Wow Wow)
Watch a 2 minute fairy tale performed JUST using sound.

br brownWe’ll also explore how sound is produced, like a boom of a thunderclap. We’ll discover how sound travels using vibration and sound waves. Of course Noiseguy will do the wave-thing with the slinky. See how a microphone can make you LOUDER! Eat yer heart out, Dewey Decibel!

We’ll even use our voices as a sound effect instrument! Kids will learn some funny new noises to imitate for their spoken reading. They will leave with a new appreciation for the world of sound around them.

here’s what the show is really about:

breaking the sound barrier

Dr. Suess’s Birthday

Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American writer, poet, and cartoonist most widely known for children’s picture books written and illustrated as Dr. Seuss. His birthday is March 2, 1904 and that week has come to be known as “Read Across America” week!

One of my favorite Dr Suess books from my childhood was
Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?
It inspires kids to be noisy when they read.
To celebrate the event I will do a dramatic reading of Mr. Brown and kids will get to join in!

Then it’s “Celebrity Storytime Showcase!” Where I read excerpts of his other classics as various celebrities.
Like “The Cat in the Hat” as Samuel L Jackson.
“The Lorax” by Treebeard.
“Green Eggs and Ham” mumbled like Garrison Keillor.
“If I Ran the Circus” by Batman.
“Hop on Pop” as Jabba the Hut.

It’s kinda like Book-drop Bingo.

And of Course Mr Brown can Moo as ME!!!

Noisy, rhyming fun for every, every everyone.

br brown

What was That?!

Charlie Williams is a vocal sound impressionist, author and kids’ comedian from Seattle, Washington.
His noisy show is chock full of creepy stories, spooky sounds and laugh out loud noises -all made from his
own mouth!
Hear creaking doors and squeaking floors. Hear bumps and thumps and learn how to make scary noises for yourself! Good pranky fun for the whole family!
Ages 4 and up!

what was that pic