Hurry Cane stories

No, not the sensational, yellow-journalism of “Storm Stories,” Geez. remember when the WC used to report just the weather? Kinda like how MTV used to run music videos? Well I guess reality-type, over-exaggerated, TV dramas sell. Gotta feed the need. OMG. Oh and I bet many small towns in America think Jim Cantore is the … More Hurry Cane stories

Toy Wars!

A Star Wars Christmas Story! Yes, it’s the holiday shopping season and Charlie Williams, the Noiseguy brings his crate of classic and new Star Wars toys to re-enact a story wars trilogy, Toy Story style. He brings lights and a camera to enhance the action. Star of stage and screen, charlie uses sound effects, and … More Toy Wars!

Thesaurus Rex!

Presented by: Chancy and Narly! Nancy Stewart and Charlie Williams Program Description: Sweet songs meet nutty noises in this entertaining wordplay. What does a thunder lizard sound like? Enjoy the Five Little Diplodocus’s. Sing along with the noisy Dino ABC’s! Watch as little Thesaurus Rex, our archeological mascot, gets ready for school. Silly syllables and … More Thesaurus Rex!


The SRP for 2017 is “Build a better World.” A haunted house. A submarine’s PING. A penguin party. A Jurassic lark. Join Charlie the Noiseguy in the rumpus room of his 4 story building! Bring your imagination and help with the fabrication. You’ll be floored! There will be toys and noise. Dueling doodles. Suspend disbelief … More Soundscapes

Green Means Grow!

“Space! The final frontier! A hostile environment where plants cannot grow. Our mission: to explore strange new worlds and seek out plant life and new… vegetation!”  -Cactus Kirk “It is life, but not as we know it.”   -Mr. Stalk. THIS is the adventure of the Space Scout Succulents. This is an in house field trip … More Green Means Grow!