Earth Sciences with Chicken Lil!

Earth Sciences
For first-second grades, WA state approved curriculum.

chicken lil 2 cj

1.) The Loudest Cloud. Heat, water, atmospheres. The personalities, the science of
weather. The sky is falling?

oh stormy

2.) Green Means Grow. The succulent space scouts come to Earth looking for a nurturing environment to live and grow.

sigmund land

3.) Ride the Wave. Water, energy and stories of movement. Brig of Doom. Christopher Columbus Gold, a leaky Brig and a ghost hurricane. (surfin’ safari?) Sound pressure current. Vibration

4.) Rock Concert! The Rolling Stones sing songs about big words. Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic foundations of toons.

5.) Phases of the Moon. Tying it all together, a gibbous baboon looks at gravity, tides, atmospheres and orbits of our nearest influential neighbor in space.

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