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Cloud minders quiz

The objective of this test is to verify the language recognition of meteorological terminology.
Lead in :

Clouds names are based on appearance.
Latin is the root word. For example, “Semper fi” means “always faithful” in English.

“Cumulus” means a clumpy pile.
“Stratus” means a layer and blanket.
and “Cirrus” means fringe hair.
“Nimbus” is what a cloud does! It rains or mists.
“Alto” means high.

            1.) “Cumulonimbus” is a…

~raining mountain of a cloud

~sunny day

~something Toyota makes

~painting of a cloud

          2.) “Nimbostratus” is a..

~ballet dance

~atmospheric disturbance

~wet blanket rain cloud

~full moon

         3.) “Alto-stratus” is a…


~High layer blanket of a cloud

~raining high

~a song by Jason Mraz

           4.) Cirrostratus is a…

~hair thin blanket layer of cloud

~Couscous recipe

~clumpy circus

~warm blanket

          5.) A contrail cloud is…

~short for “condensation trail” of clouds

~a ground cloud

~the opposite of a pro-cloud

~a man-made cloud

Once you understand the meaning of these weird Latin words, you can build new words with them. “Cirrostratus” is a hair-thin blanket of cloud cover. Latin, being a visually based language makes it fun. Neat huh? Be well, Bene!

Note: didn’t get the radio buttons and score keeping to work in WP.
quizboxbuilder did not allow me to write a lead in and objective as a preamble, no graphics.


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what stratus does to my hair

Surfing lessons with stratus

how to make your own cloud (winter only)


View from rear-view mirror on the plane

Action Stratus


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